Solemn Assembly Letter 2016

Dear Pastors, Fellow Ministers and Intercessors,

Trusting that the letter finds you in good health and the fullness of God’s blessings.

God commanded Joel in Joel 1:14 to declare a holy fast and call a solemn assembly to gather the nation to repent and to return to Him with all their hearts. Spiritual darkness, natural disaster, calamities and troubles were upon the land. It would take the repentance and the prayers of God’s people to save the land.

AGPC encourage all pastors to call a day of prayer/fasting on March 5 (Saturday) from 9am-1pm in respond to the Word of God so that God can heal our nation. Pastors, you can do it in your own churches and also gather churches that are around you to pray together for the urgent situation in our land.

God promised to heal the land as He is a faithful God (Joel 2:18-32). We believe that as we pray as one, He will do a mighty work for our nation soon.

Please contact the following district, division and language co-ordinators if you need further assistance.

NDC (Northern)
CDC (Central)
SDiv (Southern)
CLD (Chinese)
ILD (Tamil)
: Ps Marcus Tan
: Ps Connie Chan
: Ps ThamEng Cheng
: Ps JaneyHii
: Ps James Krishnan Gopal


God Bless you.

Rev Teo Kwee Keng
AG Prayer Commission


敬致: 各位牧师,传道和代祷员,





神承诺会医治这地因为祂是信实的神(约珥书2:18-32)。 我们相信当我们同心合一祷告的时候,神将会很快的在我们的国家成就大事。



: Marcus Tan 牧师
: Connie Chan 牧师
: Tham Eng Cheng 牧师
: Janey Hii (许美芬) 牧师
: James Krishnan Gopal 牧师


Rev Teo Kwee Keng(张慧琼牧师)